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Compensation for Victims Diagnosed with Mesothelioma Lung Cancer

You could receive millions of dollars in compensation, even if the asbestos exposure happened decades ago. If you have mesothelioma lung cancer, call us for a Free Consultation or complete the form.

  • We know the companies in Tennessee that used asbestos.
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mesothelioma asbestos exposure

Billions Set Aside for Mesothelioma Lung Cancer Patients

You have probably heard of Owens Corning, W.R. Grace and Armstrong World Industries but there are hundreds of other companies that exposed Tennessee workers to asbestos and have funds available to pay millions to each victim.

Even if the exposure happened decades ago at work or at home using Johnson & Johnson Talcum Baby Power or other cosmetic products, you and your surviving family members may be entitled to compensation. We can obtain compensation for you even if your asbestos exposure was in another State.


Amounts Tennessee Residents May Expect

Because we know the sources of asbestos exposure in Tennessee and around the country, mesothelioma lung cancer victims can expect to recover the MAXIMUM amount of compensation. Here are some examples of past successes after deducting all attorneys fees and expenses:

mesothelioma claims

$14.5 Million

Verdict for a welder who was exposed to asbestos in pipe covering, gaskets and fire equipment.

$3.5 Million

Settlement for a union electrician who was exposed to asbestos as a ship builder, at power plants.

$4 Million

For a 61 year old who worked with asbestos hot tops as a heavy equipment and furnace operator in a mill.

$2.3 Million

Exposure from cosmetics & J&J Talcum Baby Powder

mesothelioma lung cancer

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